Rugeley’s First Ever Youth Council Website Launched

Over the past year or so, we have been developing a website to provide a directory of youth-related information as well as information regarding our council, including current and past survey/s, ongoing projects, community information and wellbeing. The website officially launches on Sunday 1st of November.

Upon entry of the website, multiple sections – such as News, Projects and Surveys – will be displayed clearly to which you will be given further information regarding them upon clicking.

The information on the website is targeted towards the young people of Rugeley in order to give them a voice and provide resources.

Taking care of your mental health is important, especially during these unprecedented times, which is why Anya Tregay was motivated to provide accessible advice and resources through her Wellbeing Initiative: Anya stated that “[she] felt, having spoken to [her] friends, that this was really necessary.” The initiative can be found on the Rugeley Youth website.

The community feedback we gather has always been taken online (e.g. surveys) in order to make it easily reachable. It may even be likely that, in the future, we will investigate the concept of public access meetings where we can discuss feedback and suggestions directly with the community.

In October 2019, we explored what information and services that our website could provide as well as the what funding methods to consider. The drafts for our logo were designed, an email address was created and responsibilities within the council were distributed.

Recently, we opened our ‘Park Equipment’ survey which, with the intention of making an application for the Police and Crime Commissioner Funds, will allow investment in youth spaces. With the help of Playdale, a dedicated park equipment supplier, we are deciding on what park equipment to install to give back in the best way.

In August 2019, our interest was first expressed in the plans for the Hagley Park site. To investigate this, Secretary Edward Cutler attended Town Council meetings to determine the ownership of the site and had found that it had been deemed unsafe and left inactive.

That same month, Vice Chair Anya Tregay compiled a letter, addressed to Arriva, that outlined the issues regarding the Rugeley Bus service and its lack of consideration for students. This prompted Arriva to express their sympathies before drawing attention to their Student and Child Saver tickets which allow youth to travel affordably via the bus service.

You can put faces to our team on our About Us page – our Chair, Benjamin Griffiths, Vice Chair, Anya Tregay and Secretary Edward Cutler – who are the current youth in the council.

If you have any queries or suggestions to be made to the council, do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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